Terms of use

Terms of use

1. Type of activity

The agency "Casa Golfo Aranci di Orecchioni Francesca" - referred to as "Casa Golfo Aranci" or "CGA" - mediates private holiday properties in Sardinia.The CGA offers its services solely on the basis of the following terms and conditions. Casa Golfo Aranci acts only as a travel agent and not as a tour operator.

2. Formation of a Contract

With the sending of the form provided on the website of CGA (booking request), with a telephone booking request, the sending of written or in text form with CGA incoming booking inquiries, as well as through the oral booking request, no contract is concluded. The customer instructs the CGA to make the selected property available for the requested travel period. The accommodation contract is concluded with the CGA, which acts on behalf of the respective property owner.

CGA accepts the client's placement order verbally or in in written form. With the acceptance of the booking request by CGA, the agency contract between CGA and the customer is concluded as an agency agreement. The agency contract does not require any specific form.

The acceptance of the booking offer of the customer by the service provider takes place by transmission of a written or the filled out form from the booking confirmation, or the payment of the deposit which is 30% of the rental price.

The mutual rights and obligations on behave of the agency contract arise from the agreements made between CGA and the customer, these terms and conditions and in addition from the statutory provisions.

If the customer also registers additional travel participants for the travel service when making the booking, the customer is also responsible for the contractual obligations of all travel participants registered by him.

3. Contract Obligations

The contractual obligation of Casa Golfo Aranci is, in accordance with these conditions of mediation, in

               a) in the mediation of a holiday real estate, within the scope of the availability, according to the booking request

               b) the handling of the booking, as well as

               c) the provision of services and mediation of services according to the CGA announced wishes and claims of the customer.

When providing information, CGA is only liable for the correct passing on of the obtained information to the customer, as far as the information has not been expressly given bindingly.

4. CANCELLATION BY THE TRAVELER, Change of reservations,

If the traveler withdraws from the contract or does not start the journey, Casa Golfo Aranci may demand compensation for the travel arrangements, expenses incurred and the disadvantages incurred.

In particular, this does not affect possible reallocation of the property within the remaining period.

This compensation claim will calculated as follows:

  • Up to 31 days prior to departure 30 % (corresponds to the deposit paid at the beginning of the booking)
  • From 30 days before departure 100 %

Casa Golfo Aranci may claim more damage compensation than the fixed rate, if there is verification.

If the traveler wishes a rebooking with regard to the travel date, this is in principle possible if the accommodation is available, provided Casa Golfo Aranci does not incur any disadvantage.

Up to 14 days before the start of the journey, the traveler may demand that instead of him a third party takes over the rights and obligations of the contract. If a replacement person replaces the registered participant, CGA is entitled to charge 50, - EUR for the expenses incurred by the transfer to the replacement person.

If a third party enters into the contract, all parties are liable to CGA as joint debtors for the travel price and the additional costs incurred by the third party.

The customer is hereby expressly advised of the possibility of making a travel cancellation insurance. This is recommended by CGA. Such insurance is not included in the performance prices, but can be completed by CGA against payment at the request of the customer.

5. Liability

CGA is responsible for the proper provision of the mediated service itself and for the proper disclosure of the owner's information to the customer. For the fulfillment as well as for deficiencies of the brokered travel service, only the respective service providers (owners of the property) are responsible.For changes in service of the service provider (owner of the property) after conclusion of the main contract, CGA assumes no liability.


Claims of the customer for non-contractual fulfillment of the agency contract, the customer one month to announce these towards CGA in written form (limitation period).

The exclusion period begins with the end of the travel period agreed in the contract (end of the booking period of the property).

After the expiry of this limitation period, the customer can only assert claims against CGA if he has been prevented from observing the deadline without any fault.

Claims of the customer against CGA expire after one year. The statute of limitations begins at the end of the year in which the claim arose.

Any claims must be addressed to:

Casa Golfo Aranci di Orecchioni Francesca

Via Grazia Deledda 24, 07020 Golfo Aranci

7. Payment

According to the conditions, the agreed price, as well as a deposit to Casa Golfo Aranci have to be payed.  For a binding booking, a deposit must be made within 3 working days. This is 30% of the agreed rental price for the holiday home.

The balance is due 30 days prior to arrival at the latest. If there are less than 30 days between the booking and the start of the journey, the entire price is due immediately. In addition, individual arrangements will be made for short-term bookings.

8. Prices

Casa Golfo Aranci always strives to provide the customer with the best possible offer of their travel wishes. However, Casa Golfo Aranci does not warrant that the booked service will be offered cheaper at any other provider.


Place of jurisdiction is Tempio. Italian law is agreed.

Date: November 2018